Exploring the remarkable relationships of people and animals.

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Animal Fusion: Inspired Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story.  But what if the story were  the story of our lives told through the personalities and Archetypes that my 3 cats represent? And what if, through the every day journeys of their lives, we could learn the most intimate and profound things about ourselves?  It’s not so difficult when we’re in the company of Masters.   So let me introduce them to you now…

AnimalFusion.com-Inspired Storytelling by MagdaAnimalFusion.com-Inspired Storytelling by OliverAnimalFusion.com-Inspired Storytelling by BabyBeck

Animal Fusion: Delight in Community

We are here for one another.  How could it be any other way?  Everything we do, we do together – we are a community of like-minded people and we just love our animals!  It’s all about the power of the group.  Join us and share what you’ve got…photos, videos, ideas, suggestions, comments, questions, answers…we love them all!  This is the forum for coming together as one. Be as interactive as you’d like. Help us build into who we can become together.  Getting to know each other allows us to build strong strategic alliances.  New ideas, creations, even new businesses can come into being when we offer our best efforts.

Animal Fusion: A Treasure Chest of Choices

This section is as variable and intriguing as the spices in a Moroccan market.  We’re offering the best resources and information we can find that are relevant to our pets in today’s world.  Our range of topics is so broad; for example, emergency evacuation tips, the best nutritional supplementation, super pet toys, wholistic treats, pet friendly green cleaning products, pet trusts, our favorite 501(c)3’s. The list goes on and on. But there’s more.  We have a shopping cart for high-quality, practical yet unique products that are brought to our attention.  We enjoy doing this type of shopping for you because we love our pets so much.  We can’t get this stuff out fast enough to you!  And we’re always open for more suggestions.

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